Waterjet Cutting

We proudly introduce our Mitsubishi Water Jet Cutter — selected by us as the best water jet technology available anywhere today.

It allows us to cut with an unprecedented precision, through any material, any thickness, without affecting the integrity of the material.

It is faster and more efficient, enabling quicker turnaround time for your project.
Respecting deadlines is one of our top priorities

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About Z-Studios Waterjet Cutting


Traditional abrasive water jet cutting is highly flexible but lacks the accuracy needed by high-precision manufacturers. Waterjet Powered by Mitsubishi Electric incorporates the precision of Mitsubishi controls and servo system, opening the door for exciting new efficiencies and expanded material capabilities sure to enhance your bottom line. Waterjet Powered by Mitsubishi Electric is the most accurate, productive and reliable water jet machine on the market.

How Waterjet Cutting Works

Water jet cutting technology utilizes high pressure water with an abrasive substance to create a cutting tool that travels at three times the speed of sound. With this tool, virtually any material can be cut with or without an abrasive in some cases. The Mitsubishi control, combined with a CAD-CAM generated CNC code, allows for simple or complex shapes to be cut. Speed and accuracy are easy to achieve with the Waterjet Intelligent Taper ControlTMSystem.

Waterjet cutter (head): 1 – high-pressure water inlet, 2 – jewel (ruby or diamond), 3 – abrasive (garnet), 4 – mixing tube, 5 – guard, 6 – cutting water jet, 7 – cut material.

Waterjet Cuts Virtually Any Material

Waterjet Cutting Video