Z-Studios offers a standard of metal fabrication you won’t find anywhere else. We are not the biggest among fabricators, but we are unique in what we can do for your project. And we are fully equipped to handle even the largest design or installation.

We proudly introduce our Mitsubishi Water Jet Cutter — selected by us as the best water jet technology available anywhere today. It allows us to cut with an unprecedented precision, through any material, any thickness, without affecting the integrity of the material. It is faster and more efficient, enabling quicker turnaround time for your project. Respecting deadlines is one of our top priorities.

“We” are above all Zach Zaus — the essential “Z” in Z-Studios. Zach is a sculptor by training, as well as an expert in materials, and his eyes are on every step of your project, because we believe that even the most functional piece of metal can be a beautiful piece of sculpture. Big studios don’t give you this kind of personal, expert attention.

We are known not only for our cutting and fabrication, but for the ancillary work that often would require you to go somewhere else: we are expert in metal finishing (especially known for blackened steel, patinas, electroplating, anodizing and more). We are creative and resourceful, and can often help you solve problems that cause unnecessary cost and delays—which has given us a reputation in the industry as “value engineers.”

We believe in green: we go to great lengths so that everything we do or dispose of is non-toxic in every way possible. We are fully able to handle LEED projects that require green standards.

Whatever your needs, whatever your vision, we’ll build it—to a standard of perfection that is truly exceptional.

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